Merkle proof verification for Ethereum Patricia tree

Account and contract variable queries

In this example we will use to build a Merkle proof that some value for a key is included in the given state root.

Get contract variables storage proofs

How are contract variables stored in the Patricia trie ?

To store variables, the EVM uses a key based on the position at which the variable is defined in a contract : keccack(LeftPad32(key, 0), LeftPad32(map position, 0)). More details here :

Proof verification code

Here is a great diagram explaining the different types of nodes in the Patricia tree :


This was a quick overview of how solidity contract variables can be queried with inclusion/exclusion proofs. eth_getStorageAt and eth_getProof actually remove the need to define getters in contract code as the getProof API queries the trie state db directly (getters are still needed for a contract getting another contracts’s variable). In a future article we’ll have a look at how these state proofs can be used for inter-blockchain communication with on-chain state verification of a sidechain.



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